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Dear CMG Foundation Supporters,

First off, we thank you for standing by our Foundation year in and year out. Without your support, our Foundation would not be where it is today, and we would not be able to support the lives of so many throughout our 10-years of fundraising. Our world has come face to face with an unprecedented tragedy that has seemed to roar its head into the corners of every industry far and wide, in the form of COVID-19. We all have been forced to ask and answer so many questions we never thought possible and have had to address many growing changes as we deal with the uncertainty ahead.We know many of our supporters are faced with these tough decisions as well amid this pandemic and are forced to reassess their financial commitments to ensure they can first and foremost continue to support themselves and their family members through these hard times. Companies have been forced to lay off employees and seek additional assistance through these changes to ensure they can continue to fight as an organization on the other side. We here at the CMG Foundation understand these hardships and want you to know we are keeping you all in our prayers during these times.

It is with this, and with an extremely heavy heart, that we at the CMG Foundation unfortunately must announce that we will be postponing our 10th Annual Wine Tasting and Charity Auction until 2021 and will no longer be holding our event as scheduled in July of this year. This was an extremely difficult decision to make as a Foundation, however we feel it is the right decision knowing the difficulties our partners around the country are facing currently.

While we may not know where we will be in the coming months, we know our Foundation will fight through this, and continue to support those in need once our Sponsors and supporters are able to get back on their feet. We ask you to hold your head strong through the coming months, and if possible, to continue giving to those in need of support, as the only way we will get through these tough times is if we stand together.

We greatly appreciate your understanding and support and hope we can count on your continued partnership as we look to better times ahead. For any questions regarding our Foundation’s decision, please reach out to Executive Director, Taylor Stevens,


Christopher M. George
President & CEO of CMG Financial
Founder of CMG Foundation

Thank You Again to our 2019 Sponsors!

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For those still able to donate in 2020, please see the link below. We at the CMG Foundation and those beneficiaries we work with greatly appreciate the support during these times!
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